Monday, 4 July 2011

Old people

I was just leaving the rose gardens the other day when I saw these two walking in through the entrance. I had my camera on me so I took a spycam photo. 
I admire these ladies for the sheer complexity of planning they must have done before leaving the (nursing?) home. They have made sure that they look completely different in every way. Quite clearly there has been some collaboration on choice of outfit: one wears a blue jumper and a cream skirt, while the other wears a cream jumper and a blue skirt. If I am not mistaken, the lady on the right's skirt is shorter and more raunchy, marking her out as being the bolder of the two. The left wears sandals, while the other has made a more sensible decision with loafers as the weather was not wholly clement. Their sun hats, while seemingly similar, are very different in design. The first lady's trolley is a four wheeler, while the other only has three wheels.
They're pretty much identical.

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