Friday, 13 May 2011


I just saw Insidious and I'm really confused.
During the film watching process I was sprawled across 12 seats, clinging on to everyone with fear. I had a shirt over my head and eyes, and I was covering my ears. I practically didn't watch it.
When I got out the cinema I suddenly realised it wasn't even scary. Even now, looking back, I can't remember exactly what made me act like such a pathetic child. I feel like I was manipulated into thinking it was scary. In reality, it was a children's film.
The whole film was so filled with 8 minute pauses that only 2 things actually happened in it. On top of this, I was confused by the addition of two comical characters that seemed to serve no purpose but to be comical, trivialising all the horror. Obviously I was grateful at the time, as they saved me bricking myself.
I liked the music though. It was like amped up horror film music on steroids. It was violently creepy.
On the whole, Insidious contained everything it was supposed to: bloody handprints, superfluous Victorian children, inexplicable banging sounds, and laughing children. It also had an eponymously 'insidious' demon who was definitely paedophilic.

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