Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Greenpeace is a little bitch

I attempted to do my physics on whether nuclear power is a good way to reduce CO2 emissions. But something strange happened and it turned into a rant about Greenpeace.

I hate Greenpeace.

I've already mentioned how much I hate people who wear vegetarian shoes and buy organic and turn off the lights all the time. But I had only assumed that I disliked them. Then I found myself on the Greenpeace website and realised that I do actually hate environmentalists, loads.
Things started to go wrong when I was met by a little pop-up shouting quietly about some fisherman killing sharks and dolphins and other pretty marine creatures. They were asking me for my personal details. So after the massive effort it took to close the pop-up, I went on the page about nuclear power.
Obviously, they'd written a cute little essay on the evils of nuclear power and how it will 'result in a Chernobyl-scale accident once every decade.' Already I am hugely pissed off at their general ignorance.
Then I noticed that they had a quote from Patrick Moore in 1976, on how nuclear power is 'criminal' and 'dangerous'. On further research, I realised that Patrick Moore used to speak out against nuclear power, but now he is a supporter. But obviously Greenpeace won't remove the now-redundant quote from the page because they don't really care about nuclear power, they just want to campaign and complain about something.
I tentatively clicked on the 'Donate' page and was fairly irritated at the fact that the lowest suggested amount was $40. Then came the worst thing imaginable. The back button wouldn't work. I was trapped, with no choice but to donate. So I donated $40.

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