Friday, 1 January 2010

         Normally I could pretty much guarantee that a school day entitled 'Aspire' was going to be painfully patronising. For the most part it was, but there was one lecture that made up for it completely. He was a man talking about critical thinking and the need for scepticism, which I totally agree with. But the highlight was, without a doubt, when he commented on the way that news programs seem to be constantly asking people to text in with their opinions. He declared that 'most people's opinions are rubbish.' I applaud his originality and failure to stick to the typical 'everyone's opinion matters' drawl, because not everyone's opinion matters. Some people's opinions are diabolical, and all I have to do to prove this is to refer you to a site known as 'Youtube.' Click on any video and read some of the comments, and then you will agree with me.

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