Thursday, 23 December 2010


Yesterday all the news channels were bleating on about that Vince Cable thing - especially Sky, because it was about them, how exciting. I'm not going to comment at all on the way that the whole thing has been blown out of proportion and that when you think about it he didn't really do anything at all, and that the press has hungrily made a huge deal about the fact that he said 'declare war,' practically shouting it repeatedly at the camera. I'm just going to draw your attention to that recording they played continuously. The best bit about the whole thing is when he mentions the thing about 'declaring war,' and the female reporter spy laughs. I can practically hear the disbelieving and selfish glee behind that laugh. Imagine what she would have been thinking when she realised the massive evil plot she had revealed - causing her to laugh just slightly too much for the fairly average 'funny' comment he made. That laugh completely embodies the thirst and greed for stories that I think reporters have. It is funny and desperate.

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