Thursday, 2 September 2010

Just been through the old gem of a routine that is hastily deleting old posts you didn't realise were there. They consisted of the pathetic and embarrassing subjects of my christmas list, some neuroticism about my party, and openly slagging off my friends.
Right so my last few days of Brighton included crawling around the floor of TK Maxx. Yes, I have stooped that low in search of a school bag. But that was nothing compared to the documentary I watched today.
It's called 'Enemies of reason' or something and it has that angry man Richard Dawkins in it. It's about 'alternative healing methods' and 'chakras' and maybe fairies and goblins, why not. It was both hilarious and disgusting. Hilarious when some woman waved her hands at Richard Dawkins and declared he now had his fourth chromosome triangle. And laughed. As if she knew it was a load of bollucks, and was laughing gleefully at the way she had conned thousands out of people. That particular scene wasn't worth any contempt: too pathetic. But then it moved onto a section about homeopathic medicine. Before, I didn't know anything about homeopathy, but had a vague notion that it was some treehugger 'medicine' shit. Now I feel like I've had my eyes opened onto something horrific and terrible. It's even worse then when I watched the X Factor.
Homeopathy works like this: something that causes similar symptoms to the ones you are suffering will cure your illness. So red onion would cure watery eyes. It also states that the more diluted a remedy is, the better it works. And the little bottled remedies you might buy if you are a gullible twat, shunning proven scientific medicines that actual intelligent people created, are so diluted that they are actually water. The NHS has a homeopathy department. They spent 12 million on making these magic little bottles of water, or sugar pills if you're lucky. 12 million they could have spent on something useful. If you're not angry about this then you are an unfeeling evil gnome faith healer.

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