Thursday, 22 July 2010

Do you know what I hate?

Vegetarian shoes. I mean it's one thing to be a vegetarian. I'm far too unsympathetic and ignorant to understand how you could forgo meat for your whole life. But only wearing vegetarian shoes is taking it one step further. First of all, it's unforgivably smug. Like driving a hybrid and solar powering shit - sticking your annoying love for the planet in everyone's faces. They also tend to be hideous. I feel that I can prove that point with the word Crocs, but here are some examples I found on the delightful website Vegetarian Shoes. It claims its shoes are "cruelty free," how vile.

Now this is what happens when you try and make a shoe out of a material other than leather and plastic. Shoes made out of "Vegetan Bucky" must be extremely ugly - there is no other way.
I detest eco-friendliness. It's nauseating. So is the concept of 'organic clothes.' I have become quite adept at avoiding that tell-tale, grainy looking brown paper - the flag of the treehuggers, to whom I am the proud antagonist.

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