Sunday, 25 April 2010

so I just bought a horse top.

I am not an animal person. Maybe if I saw a picture of a particularly cute kitten, being mauled, I might manage a second of sympathy, but that is the extent of my interest. I would shoot a missile into a bunny or puppy nursery if it saved one person's life. I'm so disinterested that I don't even enjoy animal cruelty. As far as I'm concerned, animals are there purely to aid the existence of humans - they are tasty.
So why did I buy a top with a horse on it? I find horses a waste of space; the toys of posh people. Watching them prance about on TV is boring and shit, horse racing is boring and shit, polo is boring and shit, horses are just generally shit. I want to move to France so I can eat them legally. Oh and Black Beauty is a shit film. You might have thought that a horse is the last thing I want on my jumper.
Maybe I wanted to be ironic. Maybe it's because it's from Topshop. Maybe I just want to wear a horse on my jumper, because I can. I can confine it to the 5 inch space on my front, trap it forever, just to please me. I can own this horse.

Everyone's been barking on about Glee, and as I am repelled by musicals, especially American ones, I firmly refused to watch it. But yesterday I accidentally threw myself into the vortex and watched the first episode. And now I have to watch the second one.

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