Saturday, 17 April 2010

I got a new haircut

My hair now qualifies to be called brunette, how exciting?
The Debenhams range H by Henry Holland is quite possibly the first time I have ever wanted or liked clothes from Debenhams. So I went the other day to ransack it, brought about 23 things to the changing rooms, and didn't like any of them. For some reason, the ridiculously garish 80's style clothes didn't look as nice on me as they looked on Pixie Geldof.
Talking of Pixie Geldof, Georgia Jagger seems to be doing well. What's the trend here...? She was voted UK model of the year or something like that, so they were obviously going for the gormless, buck-toothed look.

She has abnormal front teeth. They are not attractive. They appear to instantly lower her IQ to about 3.
Madonna's daughter Lourdes had crazy eyebrows, then got them sorted out, finally.
Peaches did some shit, got in a magazine, did some other shit, then people stopped caring.

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