Friday, 2 April 2010

You Tub

I actually thought Youtube's new layout was some kind of hilarious April fools joke. It isn't. But that makes it sound like I'm against the layout, which is not, in fact, the case.
There seems to be some uproar about the removal of the 'ratings' system for a like/dislike type of affair. There is, however, one massive reason why the new system wins. As you well know, most of the people who watch and comment on Youtube videos are absolute brainless shits.
Here are some of my favourites.

'johnnyrocks200 this boy is soooooooooooo retarted'
'ChloeBabe8 LMAO, THAT WAS HALERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!'
'TroyluvsGabi dang all u peeps who r against God r just the most ignorant people and i promise u that when Jesus comes to judge u will regret it. God does exist and if he doesnt then prove it.'

Ugh. And don't forget those complete lost causes who upload a... slideshow of images... with some shitty 'fade' transitions... and a crappy, pointless backing track... and call it a video. So, what I'm trying to say is that we seriously can't expect these primitive 12 year olds to choose between FIVE degrees of quality to rate a video. That requires significantly higher intelligence. Therefore, naturally, a simple like/dislike system is much more appropriate. No real thinking is necessary. Just decide whether the video makes you feel happy and warm inside, or uncomfortable and confused.
As for the rest of the changes, who really gives a shit? It's still Youtube. Just less clutter. Obviously the aforementioned primitive 12 year olds are not sufficiently capable to adapt to a slightly new system. Gosh - the user's videos are ABOVE the video itself rather then the right margin! Everything is ruined! And shit, I have to hover over the comments to reply to them.
On the subject of Youtube I want to pay tribute to a brilliantly scathing old man who makes fun of, well, religion &c. But don't watch if you are one of those people likely to get 'offended' (a fate worse than death, of course), or a part of that knuckle dragging Youtube pollution.

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