Wednesday, 31 March 2010

a rational response

One buys knitwear in order to keep one's self warm. Therefore, a jumper such as this clearly has major design flaws.

Due to the large holes covering much of the garment, great heat loss would be experienced, and, as a jumper, this is utterly useless.
This bastard will have someone's eye out:

Vastly compromises mobility:

I just got some ridiculously lovely faith shoes which rival even my, also lovely, topshop shoes. Flats, of course, as heels cause endless podiatric and spinal damage, and are sharp. They are pretty and gay (meaning happy).

I don't really understand the whole 'banana' shoe ordeal. I see no practical advantage of having such a bendy, elastic shoe. It prevents one from being able to utilise their whole foot for weight-spreading purposes, and furthermore reduces the overall rigidity of the shoe; inevitably leading to excruciating pain and disablement in later life.
I am going away for orchestra merriment next week, so seven days of no internet. Unless of course the town of 'Blandford' (yes, Blandford) has internet connection, which I doubt insanely. AND I'll be having far too much fun with my little (£2k) fiddle to want to write in this piece of crap.
A new room update why not: We were pulling up the hall way carpet and chipping off the tiles in the room to make way for the lush wooden floorboards, and everything was generally going swimmingly. But then we found a raised steel gas pipe cutting across the hall floor and causing a raised ridge. A motherfucking steel gas pipe. So now we have to dig under and around the whole length of it to drop it like a millimetre, and we'll probably kill ourselves because it's a steel gas pipe.

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