Saturday, 6 February 2010

Suddenly I want a chanel bag. I think it stemmed from my religious reading of fakekarl. They just look so soft and elegant and iconic.

I'd be happy with a replica, but the replicas are all bloody expensive anyway and half the fake designer bag sites have been shut down. 'A court ordered this domain name transferred to Loius Vuitton and Chanel.' Unnecessary, in my opinion, as it's not like they're losing any customers. Anyone trying to find a replica Chanel is not going to have the money to buy a real one.
While I'm at it, I rather fancy one of those nice chanel jackets too. One of the OAP ones, so I can make a hilarious ironic statement in my youth. And I might as well extend it to the quilted pumps; although Primark made a copy and now I associate them with being bent and dirty and skanky.
Talking of iconic Chanel, the No.5 perfume is disgusting. Not because it's too rich or spicy or old or whatever, but because it is urine. It looks like urine in the bottle, it sprays yellow onto the testing card, and it smells like piss. When I tried it in Debenhams I was seriously debating whether someone had emptied the bottle and actually weed in it. It's inconceivable how it could smell like anything resembling perfume.

It has a nice... label though.

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