Monday, 22 February 2010


I went onto and clicked What's New and saw a lot of black; black shoes, black dresses, a black leather jewellery box. And I thought, why is there so much black? Is it so the rich people can pretend they are mourning for the late Scottish man? Out of curiosity I clicked Designers then Alexander Mcqueen so I could see what they'd said about them in the little suck up paragraph they make for all the designers. At the bottom there was the option, Sign up for Alexander Mcqueen updates, which I thought was very questionable.
The Topshop website's christmas sale is still going on, embarrassingly for them. Most of it's gone, except for the few disasters that no one could ever want, no matter how big the reduction. Like for instance, these delightful... sequinned... tapered.. trousers.

The funniest thing is that there were about 5 different colours of these, all competing to outlast eachother. It should teach them to not make so much shit. The excuse that it's Topshop doesn't work for everything.
Four good things:
1. Skins
2. The natural confectionary company sweets, red and pink only
3. Harrods
4. My new violin bow, it has a fucking crown on it.

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