Sunday, 28 February 2010

a tribute to Liberty prints

But first, you'll hear about my day.
Imagine two scenarios that differ from your usual daily routine, and that you would rather not do. Combine them, with the added factor of complicated timing and stress. That was my almost logistically impossible day.
Liberty is an amazing department store in London with the best window displays you will have ever seen. But the best things about it, in my opinion, are the fabrics. I wish to utilize some for curtains in my new room.

And they're relatively cheap, for somewhere that charges £340 for a small pouff.

Monday, 22 February 2010


I went onto and clicked What's New and saw a lot of black; black shoes, black dresses, a black leather jewellery box. And I thought, why is there so much black? Is it so the rich people can pretend they are mourning for the late Scottish man? Out of curiosity I clicked Designers then Alexander Mcqueen so I could see what they'd said about them in the little suck up paragraph they make for all the designers. At the bottom there was the option, Sign up for Alexander Mcqueen updates, which I thought was very questionable.
The Topshop website's christmas sale is still going on, embarrassingly for them. Most of it's gone, except for the few disasters that no one could ever want, no matter how big the reduction. Like for instance, these delightful... sequinned... tapered.. trousers.

The funniest thing is that there were about 5 different colours of these, all competing to outlast eachother. It should teach them to not make so much shit. The excuse that it's Topshop doesn't work for everything.
Four good things:
1. Skins
2. The natural confectionary company sweets, red and pink only
3. Harrods
4. My new violin bow, it has a fucking crown on it.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Suicide: the latest fashion statement

The death of Alexander McQueen has left me, not particularly grieving, but asking myself if a sudden influx of suicides will follow. Perhaps a small percentage of these will be due to sadness, etc. But the thought playing on my mind is that if the desire to follow fashion can prompt people to wear these:

...Then it knows no bounds.
Let us look back on a few Alexander McQueen pieces.

From the 'Highland Rape' collection.

Not entirely sure, but it's lovely etc...

And er, holy shit.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Suddenly I want a chanel bag. I think it stemmed from my religious reading of fakekarl. They just look so soft and elegant and iconic.

I'd be happy with a replica, but the replicas are all bloody expensive anyway and half the fake designer bag sites have been shut down. 'A court ordered this domain name transferred to Loius Vuitton and Chanel.' Unnecessary, in my opinion, as it's not like they're losing any customers. Anyone trying to find a replica Chanel is not going to have the money to buy a real one.
While I'm at it, I rather fancy one of those nice chanel jackets too. One of the OAP ones, so I can make a hilarious ironic statement in my youth. And I might as well extend it to the quilted pumps; although Primark made a copy and now I associate them with being bent and dirty and skanky.
Talking of iconic Chanel, the No.5 perfume is disgusting. Not because it's too rich or spicy or old or whatever, but because it is urine. It looks like urine in the bottle, it sprays yellow onto the testing card, and it smells like piss. When I tried it in Debenhams I was seriously debating whether someone had emptied the bottle and actually weed in it. It's inconceivable how it could smell like anything resembling perfume.

It has a nice... label though.