Saturday, 9 January 2010

'unique' indeed.

Topshop Unique. What is it exactly?
According to Topshop: an 'acclaimed in-house design collection.' And by browsing through a few online magazines I have found it to be generally well liked within the fashion community.
Hmm. Fair enough, but let's have a look at its previous collection. To pick a couple of shiners...

I'm sorry I had to do this to you, O viewer. They hurt my eyes too. Well if that hasn't caused your opinion of Topshop Unique to plummet then maybe this will.
Some stuff from the current collection:

And you haven't even seen the long, baggy, beaten up shorts with what I can only describe as ugly iron-on badges. 'Inspired by 70's surf culture,' apparently. So... is the fact that it's got a concept you might define as clever, and that the clothes look like they have been ripped to shreds by sharks supposed to make it good? Maybe I'm missing something. Dammit, why can't I just be 'fashionable' and agree with everything as if I'm straight out of The Emperor's New Clothes? 'Ours is not to reason why.'
I'm not being completely fair, I suppose. They did have about 2 nice things. But I had to root around to find them.
You'll notice I'm experimenting with layouts and backgrounds at the moment, and there will be ugliness. Don't judge me.

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