Monday, 18 January 2010

routine atheist rant

Yep, it is time. I don't 'bow my head' to pray in assembly like we're asked. It's not because 'I shouldn't have to pray because I don't believe in God and you can't force me,' because to be honest it's not that big a deal for me. The reason is that I generally disagree with the idea of religion being integrated into schools. If you join a school that is specifically christian then that's fine by me, but my school isn't. It seems that all or most schools automatically assume a christian kind of character. In my opinion, religion should be a private thing, or something to be celebrated with others of similiar inclination - not something spread to largely unwilling masses of people. Surely by arguing with this sentiment you are condoning indoctrination?
Now that my routine and necessary atheist rant is over, I have something else to report. Today I massively took advantage of the system my school and probably other schools have: the way that crapness followed by improvement is rewarded more than consistent good performance.
We had netball, and I hate the way it's taught and genuinely enjoy pissing off the PE teachers, so I decided to be ridiculously crap. Then half way through I 'improved' and by pure luck I scored a goal (it didn't even touch the sides. This is a massive fluke, as 99% I miss ludicrously). And of course, I got a commendation. As well as having a deifying and hugely embarrassing speech dedicated to me at the end. NEVER in all the time I have played netball have I got a commendation, and I used to play better than I did today. is my new best friend cos it's fricking hilarious. Especially this.

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