Sunday, 3 January 2010

perfect red lips

At the moment I’m obsessed with lipstick. I don’t actually have any though; I just threw away my red Rimmel because the screwing up and down got screwed up (HAHA). Oh wait I have a really cheap brown lipstick which is fugly.

I have no idea what  colour to get. Apparently there are blue reds, orange reds and london bus reds. It’s epically confusing. I’m also considering a rose, berry or corally colour. If I get red it has to be matte because shiny is for homos and wusses.

I’ve googled ‘lipstick shade finder’ about a million times and have learnt many pearls of wisdom. I even ended up on KIM KARDASHIAN’S BLOG. But the thing I mainly discovered is that it’s more complicated than you can possibly imagine. Not even bold or italic could convey the sheer gravity of that statement so I didn’t bother. 

Revlon and Maybelline, I found, have a semi-useful lipstick online shade finder. But they are limited to light, medium or dark skin tones, and about 5 eye colours. Therefore my results are about 60 different shades.

Anyway here’s the list.

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