Friday, 8 January 2010


Got the shock of my life this morning: those shoes I've prattled on about so much I'm kind of bored of them were out of stock. ALREADY. But they were spontaneously in stock again a few minutes ago. So they are ordered!
I feel in the mood for some good old balanced analysis. Jack Wills seems to be emulating DFS. Everything is on sale. Maybe no one wants to buy their boring overpriced crap. Actually, that's slightly inaccurate. EVERYONE wants to buy their boring overpriced crap.
What is with that? I'm not going to say I don't get it because I do; it's a brand name blah blah blah. I'm in the minority, and I'm also a complete hypocrite because I just bought some Hollister leggings (we queued for half an hour to get in the actual shop so I needed to buy something or feel like a failure). Owning anything from Jack Wills is like a trophy, and the only reason I can possibly think of is because it's expensive. If it was £10 rather than £129 for a PLAIN BLACK CARDIGAN then it wouldn't be so popular. I don't care so much that brands like, er, Marc Jacobs are expensive, because at least the clothes have actual designs. What annoys me the most is that there is practically no variation in Jack Will's stock: I'm on the website now and all I can see is a few nondescript blobs of navy. I am going to liken their stock to porridge.
Occasionally I find myself dragged into the Jack Wills in Gunwharf. My routine is as follows: first, to stand like a displaced pet before the suspiciously expensive tracksuits, keeping my distance while I try to discern exactly how they can possibly be so expensive. Then once I feel more confident in my surroundings I begin to openly slag off the mounds of folded up porridge, perhaps attracting the attention of a shop assistant here and there, so skulking off to another location within the shop. At some point during the proceedings I may be distracted by the nice chaise longue with the Union Jack print. I will then sit on it and feel pretty cool. It is the one thing I like about Jack Wills. Apart from the thigh high socks, which I jolly want in every colour but don't see a feasible way of not looking like a tart with them on.
I actually went on today and I feel like a bit of a dick.

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  1. hahahahhha. you really hate jackwills. and i made a blogspot just so i could follow you. pah. x