Sunday, 17 January 2010

it is spreading...

I used to like Twilight, until it became mainstream and the lame 'Twi-hard' fans appeared, and they cast Cedric Diggory as Edward. Now you can hardly escape it. It plagues our cinema and TV screens, our magazines, our internet forums - and now, it seems, our makeup.

'Twilight Venom is not your typical DuWop venom. Instead of a gloss, Twilight Venom is a shimmering crimson lip stain suspended in a venom-laced liquid lip conditioner with a super potent bite (watch out!), and contains argan, avocado, olive oils and vitamin E.

This product should be shaken before use to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds and applied repeatedly until lips are plumped, revitalized and the desired intensity of color has been reached.'
Lame. And it's £14.50 on I would have expected it to be about a fiver, so all the little obsessed children can afford it - NOT SAYING ALL TWILIGHT FANS ARE OBSESSED CHILDREN BUT I THOUGHT THEY WOULD TARGET THE MAJORITY. The actual product looks quite cool; shame they had to ruin it.
But what do we have here?
A TWILIGHT beauty brand. A TWILIGHT beauty brand. Which, I'm ashamed to say, has some rather nice stuff.

It's not cheap either, which gives at least the illusion of quality. Unless their revenue all goes into the ugly packaging, which would be ugly even without 'twilight' on it.

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