Saturday, 16 January 2010

if there's one thing I'm good at, it's the eloquent destruction of noobs

No. I won.
Oh and I'm not too sure about the showing names thing so I just blanked them out. Better safe than sorry! Har har.
Today we drove up to Midhurst to a violin shop to get me a new violin. The ones I tested ranged from £1000-£2300, none of which I was particularly impressed with, or thought lived up to my current £250 ebay one. The only positive change I noticed was that they were louder. But the sound didn't have any of the subtle qualities mine does. By process of elimination I ended up bringing one home for a week trial, and I have a suspicion it's the most expensive.
Anyhoo. You'll notice I just used 'but' at the beginning of a sentence, which is regarded as incorrect amongst, well, the same group of people who advocate using 'an' before a word beginning with 'h.' Which, if you ask me, is bullocks*.
I really hate charity shops. They remind me of depression and ageing, and the ones where I live seem to cater exclusively for OAP's. Luckily I realised that with Oxfam you can shop online and have the nice old vintage clothes delivered to your door, without the rotting books and pointless, worthless trinkets.
Unfortunately, most other large charities have nothing to compare with this, unless of course you wish to buy a few Christmas cards and a paw print RSPCA t-shirt.
* Due to comment I must point out this is supposed to be ironic. Maybe it was too subtle.


  1. You spelt bollocks wrong...

  2. Irony is hard to understand...