Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I used to roam asos.com and topshop.com etc, picking out things I liked and wanted to buy. Now that I actually have my card and can get stuff online, I can't find anything that I like. I haven't used it yet. I was tempted to use it for my quarter pounder and toffee crisp mcflurry in mcdonalds, but it wasn't special enough for my very first purchase.
Sheer boredom has forced me to start watching The Hills. It's incredibly tacky but I have to admit I would love that lifestyle. Wouldn't everyone? I'm also quite resentful of the main character because she's a total bimbo but she somehow got an internship at teen vogue. She doesn't deserve it! And she performed shitly at her interview.
I am sad and confused because American Apparel and Hollister seem to have discontinued or run out of things I wanted to buy.
The first thing is American Apparel's nail polishes. They are really ugly colours like grey, cream and mouse brown that are strangely appealing. Attempting to find a replacement, I tried OPI and found a yummy colour called melon of troy, which I can never have because I refuse to spend £10 on a nail varnish.
The other is Hollister's Laguna beach body spray, which has vanished from their website and apparently never existed. It is my all time favourite smell, as well as Diesel fuel for life, Benefit b-spot, and new text books.
Alas! maybe net-a-porter.com has some suitable things for me to buy online with my card? Like for instance this hilarious sequin dressing gown:

Alexander Mcqueen £7,360; apparently looks great with a bottega venata clutch. That has to be one amazing clutch, to make this, er, 'dress' look nice. Actually, I would like to amend my previous statement and point out that this is no sequin dressing gown; but in fact a vampire cloak.
Or, perhaps this coat.

If I were gullible fashionable, I would start to gush about its 'clean lines' and 'angles' and 'aesthetic.' In reality, it looks like an already lame coat that I smudged in photoshop and made lamer. I seriously wonder if designers even try anymore. Then again, they don't have to. They could produce anything and people would lap it up.

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