Thursday, 7 January 2010

'Frozen Britain?', we just want to play.

We've battled through wars... through terrorist attacks.... through an economic crisis and through public humiliation (lobster chavs at the euro football). But now, the whole infrastructure of Britain is falling apart. Because it snowed.
In the words of Winston Churchill, 'We shall fight snow on the seas and oceans, we shall fight snow with growing confidence, we shall fight snow on the hills, we shall never surrender, even if our gritting lorries themselves come to a pathetic halt before a 10 inch mound of snow and leave our roads ungritted.'
Mine, my brother's and my sister's schools were closed yesterday, even when most people were perfectly able to get there. My mum's work closed. So did thousands of schools and businesses throughout the country. The newsreaders are trying to credit this bit of unpleasant weather with the headlines 'Frozen Britain' and 'Severe ice causes disruption!' But it's all exagerration. The real reality of the situation is that we haven't had snow like this for years and everyone wants to play. On BBC news, they were interviewing people on the streets. The general impression I got was: 'Oh, yeah, the snow's terrible, the schools and the business, disruption, yeah... but have you seen my EPIC snowman?!??! We haven't had snow like this in EFFING YEARS! Watch my on my makeshift toboggan! - It's the, er, only means I have to get to work. Ahem.'
As I went on the computer this morning and mechanically ended up on the topshop website, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these shoes are back in stock.

Now I just have to hope that my debit card and PIN arrive before they sell out again..

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