Monday, 4 January 2010


It's all so clear to me now!

My last post was a babbled mess about wanting perfect red lips.

Pure, floral, non-blue, browny rose. And it must be from Lipstick Queen. I'm determined to go up to Chichester where the nearest Space NK apothecary is and instruct the assistants to help me find the perfect shade, whether it's Saint (sheer), Sinner (matte) or any of the other glosses and pencils it has to offer. Oh and did I mention it has to be rose. Or maybe coral? Berry?


You'll notice there are an obscene amount of roses here, most in colours I suspect are impossible. Forget them all except the 4th and 5th on the top row: those are my dream. Is that even rose colour? Or is it more peachy coral...? Pahhh.

My new blog colours are a reflection of my love for that type of pink, whatever it is. I photoshopped a new title, it's sexy no? The pink on white reminds me of a candy cane or something. And the brush I used to underline looks a bit like it was drawn with lipstick, appropriate eh? (EDIT 21:16 - it really doesn't.)
Found an uber-useful blog,, I don't know how she did it but she has managed to get nice juicy big swatches of every (?) lipstick queen product on her arm! It gives a far better idea of what the colours actually look like. Even more useful is, there are reviews for TONNES of hair, makeup and skin products by 'REAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME.'
Finally, I'm faced with a wee bit of a dilemma. I stumbled through onto a site called, and it sells expensive makeup brands like benefit, mac and stila at jolly good discounts. Not all brands have discounts though. SO the first thing I noticed when I went on the site was how ugly it was, and how it shouted FREEEE at me from every corner. Obviously I don't trust it too much at this point, so I googled it to find out if it sold genuine products. Loads of forums, like the Vogue Australia one, had people insisting the products were real, and that they'd ordered from there loads. Hooowweeverr, some people said that they had talked to beauty assistants at salons and stuff, and they'd said they sold fakes. But I thought: the existance of would reduce the sales of mainstream companies that sell the products more expensively. So...
I also heard suspicious reports like - 'I ordered a designer face cream twice; first time it was blue, second time white.'
But the thing that clinches it for me is the fact that the company is based in Hong Kong. In a completely un-racist way, I don't trust companies from China and that area that sell brand names, because I know they have a reputation for making almost undistinguishable replicas. So I'll have to live without my discounted Benefit You Rebel Lite :(
(tinted moisturizer I am rather interested in, not least because the tube is huuge)

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