Wednesday, 6 January 2010


First of all, to the apparently random spades in the title. I pressed a button on my mouse and they appeared. TALK ABOUT SERENDIPITY!
Hey, I wonder if those cheapie chavy online 'boutiques' have started designing their own clothes?

Below: 'Celina oversized jumper in grey,' £29.99, Well well well...

Topshop panda jumper. Obviously not then...

It gets worse.
'Damini Sheer Dress With Stud & Mirror Detail,' £46.99,

Christopher Kane for Topshop dress, £85.

And Topshop is not the only victim.
Rare stud dress.

'Fiona Sleveless Dress With Stud Detail,' £26.99,

And I HAVE this exact same dress down to every last detail, but it was definitely not £15 from (newlook infact.)

And I have no idea who designed this originally, but both and have kindly provided me with a version.
'Astrid Dress With Stud Detail In Black,' £24.99

Image is broke-de-broke on, but here is the link. It looks identical, if you must know.
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  1. But don't Topshop and almost all other high street shops copy from designers? They adapt the trends from the runway and put them into their own collections. It must be frustrating to have your designs copied, yes, but surely it is part of the fashion industry?

  2. Indeed, and I expected someone would bring this up. However I thought it would be funny to bring attention to just how similar these copies can get - these styles have not simply been adapted, but pretty much copied stitch for stitch! And to be honest, I shouldn't complain: it means I can get perfectly nice Topshop dresses for a cheaper price...
    Thanks for your comment

  3. I almost blogged about the christopher kane lookielikey! i was shocked when i saw it on missguided and am glad i bought the christopher kane original which is top quality in design and materials. sometimes the replicas are alright, but no match for the real thing.

    check out my blog and follow if you like :)