Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Shopping list

In the weeks leading up to christmas I have forbidden myself from making any purchases, despite the fact that I have a small fortune of £100 sitting in my purse (earned through professional violin playing friend). This is for two reasons; the first being that I don't want to risk buying something someone else has already got for me, and the second being that I want to starve myself of retail therapy in order to make christmas more exciting - although I could have sworn that that goes completely against the spirit of christmas...
Anyway, during these non-spendy weeks, I have made a mental note of things I randomly see and want and am going to buy on boxing day (or not quite so soon). But obviously, a mental note is nowhere near as good as a real note, and who wouldn't want to read my shopping list?

1 - Redken Glass 01 smoothing serum

From the moment it was featured in some magazine I happened to be reading ages ago, I have been intrigued by this product, being a fan of the 'Professional' haircare brand Redken. Somewhere along the line intrigue turned into want-to-buy. The thing that clinched it was seeing a model with a top knot in a magazine. Her hair looked soft, shiny, and tamed. I thought 'hey, I bet Redken Glass 01 could do that.' So there you go.

2 - Some wardrobe basics (sorry for sounding so disgustingly cliche)

In er, peachy colours, apparently.
From left: Topshop, £14; Topshop, £10; Topshop, £14;

3 - Some more True Blood books

My guilty pleasure. Not particularly well written but very plot driven and I fancy Eric (not explaining, read them to understand/watch the eps). I'm up to Definitely Dead and these two are next...

4 - Lipstick Queen Lipsticks

If you've never heard of her, just google lipstick queen. Poppy King only does lipsticks because she loves lipstick. Saints are 10% pigment, Sinners 90%. I'm considering Sinner in red or rose. I'm also intrigued (intrigue has won me over once again) by 'Black tie optional' a lipstick that looks literally black, but gives a berry sheen.

5 - Grey cable tights

The ones I want are actually River Island, but I couldn't get the image of them. I wanted some grey ribbed tights (specifically) a few months ago, but I got side tracked and got some wacky horizontal stripe ones from Topshop instead (imagine some kind of rugby outfit). Now the desire has resurfaced.

6 - Tassle loafers

Brown or black. The ones pictured are Topshop, but at £50 I don't think so. I haven't found any suitable ones yet, but then again neither have I looked very hard. My mum had a classic black pair from Russel and Bromley, but the time came and passed in which I could fit into them (she's a size 3), and I wasn't interested back then. I intend to wear them with my grey ribbed tights!

7 - These beauties

These shoes (Topshop £30) are in fact art. My emotions are a mixture of enchantment at their sheer loveliness, shock at their humble price for all those pearls, and wistfulness at their current out-of-stock status.

Well that's about it, I think. I mentioned earlier about how a real note is better than a mental one, so of course I'm bound to have forgotten some of the things on my list. I won't dare to add up the prices of all the things on my list, because I don't want to find out for sure that I can't afford it all, but inevitably it will be too much. Dayyyyumn.

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