Tuesday, 22 December 2009

gay fashion designers = skinny models

The whole debate about size zero models and shit. ok, i admit that sometimes the sizes of the catwalk models can get extreme, but most of the time it's just fat people moaning. 'Real women have curves!' yawn. There's a facebook group about something along those lines, comprised of cellulitey images and discriminating insulting statuses about how skinny girls look gross in shorts - 'yuk!' Most of its members are probably overweight women trying to feel better about their 'curves' by being more vicious to thin people than the fashion industry/media etc. has ever been to the, ahem, plus sized.
So I was on an intelligent, witty and educated website today called dailymail.co.uk, when I saw this article: 'Plus-size Crystal Renn takes on a typically slim model to prove fashion CAN flatter any figure.' I laughed when I discovered that, in fact, it CAN'T.

Size 0

Size 16

The size zero looks better. I find these two images are the best for comparison, as it's plain to see that the high waisted skirt just makes the size 16 look dumpy. It's also too short for her and is borderline tacky - surely they gave them two different clothes sizes? On top of that, her legs look chunky and the ankle socks just shorten them. But the size 0 has the other extreme: her legs look long but far too thin and bony.
One model is too thin. The other is overweight. Why does it have to be anorexic or size 16? Surely slender yet healthy 8-10 (UK) models are the best of both worlds? Problem solved by Fay.
I liked it when Mark Fast used a couple of 10-12 models along with his conventional ones at his catwalk show. They fitted the clothes just as well as the skinnier models, and you didn't have to worry about them snapping or collapsing.
The title of my post sums up my (dad's) theory of why models are getting so skinny. It's because most fashion designers are gay men. Size 0 models are not shapely, they are straight-up-and-down. They don't have boobs and bums. Neither do men. Therefore gay men, who fancy men, would consider size 0 more beautiful than bigger sizes. I can't imagine how it would be women who fabricated this stick thin ideal, as it's pretty obvious how much they are now all protesting about it.


  1. Jacquelyn Jablonski (the thinner model) is a size 6 UK, not a size 0. If she were she would look awful; unnaturally skinny is never a good look. As it is she looks like most models do now - slightly more normal weights seem to be coming back in fashion (I've seen girls being told they're too skinny to model - harsh, but in some ways an improvement).

  2. In case you haven't realised, what with being too busy spending what looks like hours on the topshop website, that the average womens UK size is a 16, and I thought that size 16 model looked amazing and wouldnt of thought she was that size at all. So stop contradicting yourself by thinking that size 8-10 models are the perfect soloution because theyre doing what size 0 models are already doing. Ruining every womans self esteem. You shouldnt blame the models seeing as this is a problem which has been in the media for years, and passing along the blame isnt the key to solving this either.

  3. Ok.
    1) I do spend hours on the Topshop website, but that is my perogative thank you very much.
    2) The size 16 model didn't look like a 16, I'll give you that, but I thought she didn't suit the clothes as well as the thinner model. I'm perfectly sure that in the right clothes, she would have looked great. Nothing against the model's shape or size, but she has been badly styled. What I was trying to address in my post was the how I don't think it makes sense that people are trying to combat the unhealthily thin models problem by going too far the other way. Why not find the balance?
    3) Where exactly did I contradict myself?
    4) Why should 8-10 models be blamed with ruining every woman's self esteem when all they are doing is keeping themselves at a healthy, trim weight? By suggesting this it is you, not me, who is 'blaming the models.' If those women feel so bad about their weight then for goodness sake, get some Special K and stop moaning about it.

  4. @ L'Anglaise - you're right, sorry about that. It got a little confusing what with the mix of US and UK sizes. And I do believe that she is a good weight for a model to be, although if she were a little bigger she would be too. It is the unnaturally thin models who are ruining people's self esteem, and if the 8-10's are too, then the problem lies with the women whose self esteems are supposedly being ruined. Because they have a perfectly healthy weight and should not be criticized. And before anyone gets angry: The size 16 model is at a healthy weight too; she's plainly not fat. I simply think the clothes looked worse on her.
    Thanks for your comment

  5. This type of fashion shows how creative and artistic you are. It is always good to express yourself through fashion.

  6. The clothes actually fit her perfectly. She was able to represent her style with class and glamour.

  7. Actually, I agree with Annonymous, and while it's your business only how much time you spend on the net, you do need to get into the real world more often and realize that for many women size UK 16 or US 12 is the average, for me personally it isn't as I'm a size smaller than that, but for many women it is, and your comments- with all due respect- come off as insulting and patronizing to many who don't actually share your views.

    Which model looks better up there the 0 or the 16 is a matter of debate or taste or opinion- certainly not fact as you seemed to make out. I personally find the bigger sized model more attractive in the same outfit and the smaller one not so much, does that make me nuts or is it just my personal opinon - to which I'm entitled?

    I realize you didn't mean to be offensive and have nothing against size 16 but these type of comments are the reason many young girls are pressuring themselves to stay too thin even if it means they become bulimic or anorexic, yes those two disorders are mental disorders, but it would be naive to presume that the fashion industry's unrealistic standards of emaciated and anorexic thinness as opposed to normal/healthy slimmness have no bearing on what women say and do.

    The reality is the industry and media brainwash women with images of those that are TOO thin (maybe a BMI of 16 and an anorexic sickly thinness) and then they put that up and represent that as the ideal image- vulenerable young girls don't have the necessary knowledge and self esteem to always fight that, some grown women even don't, so how can we blame them?

    The industry needs to grow up and wake up and take responsibility for what this unhealthy image they're trying to promote and what it does to females, especially impressionable vulnerable young girls.

    A third model died recently after starving herself to become thin enough to walk the catwalk. Madrid has taken measures to prevent girls with an unhealthy BMI to walk the catwalk or those who are anorexic but not many countries have followed suit sadly, they care more about money, and women dying is unfortunate but not a big deal to them.

    You say something to the effect that yes there is extreme thinness in the fashion industry, however you don't seem to realize that many models who are a healthy/ slim US 6 (UK 10) or even less US 4 (UK 8) are turned away all the time and called too fat by the industry! Then told they have to be a size 2 or 0 or 00 to get work! We can't say that doesn't have an effect on many women because it does. I have read online about these models complaining that healthy/slim is NOT good enough for the designers, they have to be EMACIATED SICKLY DYING thin- and many HAVE died (unless 3 so far isn't many to some ?) to prove that.

    FYI your dad's theory about why this happens is probably correct, most people don't discuss it as it's not POLITICALLY correct, that doesn't make it any less true, as we know most straight men don't like the overly thin boyish look of many - not all- high fashion models. Yes some straight men like thin but not THAT thin, there is a limit, some only like the status symbol issue.

    Here is a great site that discusses your dad's theory about why models are unacceptably thin to the point of death for some in the industry, and the lie held up as the usual reason, the coat hanger theory and why it's not true

    If you're interested go to


    And I respect your dad for having the courage to mention a theory most of us believe to be true even if it's not PC - and your courage for writing it here.

    Go visit the site I posted and educate yourself and others on what's going on behind the scenes. That's my two cents): Peace.

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