Friday, 18 December 2009


Dilemma 1:
I'm such a sheep. I started blogspot of my own accord, i.e. found it without the influence of my schoolfriends. But I was, in fact, copying people after all, as I was writing shallow, pointless drones of fashion shit I'm not even interested in cos i thought it would get me famous. So i switched to stuff I actually care about (see my later posts.) Yet, as is the way with me, I got borrrreed. Ignored the voices in my head saying 'you need a blog to be a journalist..' and 'it will help you get into CAMBRIDGE!' - and tuned out.

Few weeks later (every day of those being guiltily reminded of my little blog, usually followed by at least 10 seconds worth of debating whether to go back), I log on to facebook late at night and guess what I see... 'blah blah blah blah' says someone's status. What's this? I think. Someone else... someone else got a blog? I hesitantly followed the link and honestly, I was pretty impressed. So of course, with glittering starry eyes I join tumblr - dutifully, almost robotically.

It's a bit shit. But then other sheep like me get one and try to act all vintage and chic. Multitudes more appear on facebook every day: the minute I log on I'm bombarded with random french-named wannabe tumblrs (mine's called lavenacava: it's latin so it doesn't count). So i'm kind of not impressed with tumblr and am henceforth returning to blogspot, where i belong. But tumblr or blogspot, they're both still blogs.

And the moral of the story is, I was too meek to advertise and display my blog before everyone else slowly began to cotton on. Now, if I post my little tuppenceworth of a blog on facebook, people will roll their eyes. They will roll their eyes and they will snort and they will sigh. 'Another one,' they will think as they sharpen up their stabbing knife, rightfully so.

Therefore, either my blog will remain hidden for ever, or return when all the fad has died down, as a late, stale, slow old man, which is probably worse.

Dilemma 2:

Going back to the fact that I have two blogs. I have two blogs. What a weird, surreal and unfair situation to be in. It means if I post something on one, it can never grace the pages of the other. However I have a very excellent solution: I will simply copy and paste my good tumblr posts, of which there are about 2, and put them in some artistic format like italics to let you know they have been resurrected from the graveyard.

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