Sunday, 25 October 2009

'There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.'

Fantastic. When I heard about the atheist bus campaign back in January I jumped for joy.
Isn't it great? And isn't religion shit?
I wish I could have been a part of the 4,680 atheists that donated £5 to run the advert (see this article, and while you're there, read the comments: I found them delightfully intelligent and engaging). It was in response to a previous Christianity advert, leading the population to a website which tells them they will face torment in hell if they don't convert.
I am an atheist, and as much as I enjoy it I believe arguing the existence of God is pointless. It will get you nowhere. Because your opponents have 'faith,' and, well, 'faith' is above logic. It is IMMUNE to argument.
Thus, we must target the agnostics: these wondering, pondering, floating masses. Imagine it: the theists and the atheists in a furious race to recruit the 'neutrals.'
Richard Dawkins didn't consider this, and turned into a blithering angry man preaching atheism to bloody bishops. - Not gonna work. I love that he's trying, but with all due disrespect it's getting embarrassing. He's not exactly the image that I would like to represent atheists.
On a final note, I would like to express my hatred for the way that religion is forced upon children in schools practically before they're toilet trained. It's just bloody unfair. Everyone deserves a chance to make up their own mind before they're brainwashed one way or another.

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